Energysymbols was released and in addition to having an effective full-time massage practice, has been teaching massage workshops.
The school provides an 810-clock hour massage treatment training program (11 or 17 months) which, when finished, will certify the trainee to sit for the Licensing Examination for entry-level massage therapists, and end up being either a certified massage therapist or a signed-up massage specialist.
Our objective is to inform, obstacle and motivate trainees through a holistic technique to massage treatment education, leading to massage therapists of the greatest quality. At Energysymbols Massage Training Institute, trainees will gain from a healthy curriculum incorporating theory, strategy, and useful experience. Our program offers trainees the experience, hands-on-training and important understanding of exactly what is had to run an effective massage practice. Graduates of this training will be certified to do Swedish and Deep Tissue massage and will have found out other methods such as Craniofacial Treatment, Chakra Balancing, Myofascial Release, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Prenatal Massage and Massage for baby, kids & geriatric customers.